Performance Parts

Your standard is vehicle is a blank canvas – ready to be customised to your needs.

Why settle for a showroom standard vehicle when you can stand out from the crowd and do things with your vehicle other owners have only dreamed about?!

At TSO Mechanical we can fit and tune a wide range of performance parts for your vehicle, including:

  • Performance exhausts to improve aspiration or just sound mean!

  • Performance clutches

  • Upgraded turbo chargers and intercoolers

  • Suspension kits tailored to your application

  • ECU remapping

If you want to go faster, work and play harder or reach parts other vehicles can’t, TSO Mechanical have performance parts and advice to suit your needs.

To make an appointment or ask a questions contact us today!

Disclaimer: Please note any modification to your vehicle from standard can affect your vehicles warranty if it is determined a performance enhancement was responsible for part failure.