Inlet System Cleaning

Common Rail Diesel engines all have on thing in common – the potential for carbon build up. Carbon build up affects the performance and responsiveness of your vehicle along with degrading your fuel economy.

TSO Mechanical can help with our inlet system cleaning services restore performance and potentially enjoy greater distances between fill ups, depending on your driving style and how heavy your right foot is!

Two options

  • Chemical removal

    Ideal for light to medium build up. A device is fitted to the engine that uses chemical removals to remove the build up of carbon from the inlet system and EGR valve.

  • Manual Removal

    Recommended for all types of carbon build up – but essential in cases of heavy build up this process involves both a manual strip down and the parts ultrasonically cleaned, along with our chemical removal process to ensure the ports and valves are cleaned thoroughly.

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TSO Mechanical Ultrasonic Inlet cleaning

Intake clean or just tune it? It’s a question we get a lot, and the answer is usually both. If you have a brand new car it’s not going to need an intake clean, but even a VDJ with less then 80,000km will have a significant build up present which ultimately restricts the amount of air allowable into the engine. Less air, less fuel, less power which in turn means more stress to the engine trying to achieve even stock power. We recently had one of our loyal customers who has an 07 ‘Work mate’ with less then 200,000km in for an intake clean. Regularly serviced, upgraded clutch and previously tuned by us a few years back (stock turbo and injectors). Pulling the intercooler off and looking at the intake all seems ok, but once you strip down and look at the internals it’s a very different story. Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. We did a run on the dyno before and after our TSO ultrasonic intake clean. The difference the choked inlet made was 8.9kw and 50nm gain. No other changes were made to this vehicle for this gain. For all common rail diesel diagnostics, servicing, performance and vehicle improvements, give us a call today to get the best out of your vehicle. #drivenbyquality #tsomechanical #dynodynamics

Posted by TSO Mechanical / CRD Tech Rockhampton on Monday, April 27, 2020