General vehicle maintenance

TSO Mechanical specialise in all forms of vehicle repair and maintenance as well a vehicle diagnostics.

We recognise that for most people vehicle maintenance and repairs is a “grudge decision” made out of necessity rather than choice. The aim of TSO Mechanical is to “soften the blow” by providing you with a quality cost effective alternative to the main dealer. What’s more we’re not just here to sell you parts – we like to get to the cause of the problem not just swap something out only for it go wrong again down the track. Our goal is to put your vehicle right – so it spends more time on the road and less time on the ramp.

From replacement parts to diagnosing faults with a vehicles key systems, TSO Mechanical has you covered.

Diagnostics is the key

TSO Mechanical specialise in fault finding and problem solving rather than just part replacement. Whilst not always the case, part failure can be a symptom of a wider issue. At TSO we consider the why of a problem. Identification of why a particular part failed can result in lower ongoing costs to 9 out of 10 customers. Driving style, environmental conditions and time all play a part – but sometimes the part that failed can be the final weak link in a wider chain of events.

How we work:

  • Analysing fault codes from the ECU

  • Understanding sensor & warning lights

  • Deciphering noises & rattles

We take the next step

Obviously we don’t just diagnose issues we can fix them too! With a team of trained mechanics and fitters once we have got to the root of the problem we’ll also roll up our sleeves and get stuck in, making us a one stop shop for your vehicle maintenance!

Intermittent Faults

Is there anything worse then an intermittent fault on your vehicle? And the day you take it into the mechanics the fault won’t appear. We at TSO are known for specialising in the more difficult fault finding, and understand not all faults are easy to show on demand. We have developed a ‘Diagnostic Checklist’ which makes identifying the hard to explain issues easier. Don’t settle for a vehicle not producing its very best, book in to have your vehicle running 100%. Forms available in the shop or click below link to print out for free.

Your vehicle warranty is in safe hands

Did you know that using an independent repairer such as TSO Mechanical won’t invalidate your warranty? Any work or parts we fit to your vehicle meet or exceed those specified by the original manufacturer, meaning you don’t have to go to the main dealer (and pay main dealer prices!).

To make an appointment or ask a questions contact us today!