TSO Mechanical Rockhampton are a locally owned, locally operated specialist in Common Rail Diesel vehicle tuning, modification and general servicing and repairs.

Founded in 2011 and backed by over 14 years industry experience TSO Mechanical offer an honest, expert service underpinned by our commitment to value for money.

TSO Mechanical lead the way in ECU remapping, Dyno tuning and performance vehicle modifications, along with offering a wide range of additional services including:

  • Performance Enhancement

    We can make your Common Rail Diesel powered vehicle perform better, work or play harder, reach places lesser vehicles can’t and fix common issues or design flaws. Find out more

  • Log book servicing

    You don’t have to go to the main dealer to maintain your vehicles warranty! Independent workshops, such as TSO Mechanical offer the same (or better) level of personal service and won’t invalidate your vehicles warranty. Find out more

  • General vehicle maintenance & diagnosis

    It’s not all about performance upgrades and power. TSO Mechanical has the skills and experience to repair your vehicle. From the radiator at the front, to the exhaust at the rear, (and everything in between), TSO Mechanical has you covered! Find out more

Your vehicle warranty is in safe hands

Did you know that using an independent repairer such as TSO Mechanical won’t invalidate your warranty? Any work or parts we fit to your vehicle meet or exceed those specified by the original manufacturer, meaning you don’t have to go to the main dealer (and pay main dealer prices!).

To make an appointment or ask a questions contact us today!